Dual Master Course in Barcelona and Florence


The Master is open to post-graduates from diverse majors that have a particular interest for the food, wine or tourism world’s dynamics:  Marketing, Communication, Management, Business, Economics, Hospitality, Service or Product Design, Architecture, Tourism and Branding.

We also accept candidates that have significant professional experience in the field.

Professional Opportunities

  • Tourism, Food and Wine Brand Manager.
  • Brand Manager
  • Brand City Manager
  • Tourism Brand Manager
  • Service Designer for Tourism, Food and Wine
  • Community Manager for Tourism, Food and Wine
  • Event planning and management
  • Innovative Service development for Food, Wine and Tourism industries
  • PR and Press Office professionals

Starting date

March 2018 in Florence


IED Firenze, IED Barcelona

Duration and Attendance

11 months, full-time


IED Diploma





Limited enrollments

The admission to the master course is limited to a maximum number of participants according to the didactic needs.

Barcelona & Florence

The Master is held in Florence and Barcelona, two cities bound by a long-standing history of tourism, wine and restaurant industry. Tuscany and Catalunya’s massive presence in dedicated trade fairs and internationally renowned businesses put them on the map as strategic regions for those pursuing a career in this specific field.

Barcelona and Florence are two of the main touristic destinations in Europe, thanks to a unique blend between art, culture and a great quality of life and hospitality.

Master's main goal

The overall aim of this course is to meet the growing demand for qualified professionals able to offer a new managerial approach to the tourism, food and beverage sector in the touristic, hospitality and catering industry.

The aim is to train strategy and communication experts in identity-building and values related to brands in the food, wine and tourism industry.



The Master encourages the development of professional proficiency by implementing an active approach based on “Learning by doing” that blends expertise and listening skills through both practical and theoretical methods related to “Design Thinking”.

The in-classroom theoretical learning is followed by the project practice through group activities coordinated by professionals and experts. The program is complemented with visits to relevant realities and masterclass with specialist from the tourism, food and wine field.

The full program is divided into 6 macro-areas

Area I: Marketing


Food IED

Area II: Brand and Communication


Area III: Events & PR – Food Wine and Tourism


Barcelona IED

Area IV: Design Thinking & Project Management


Barcelona IED

Area V: Service Design


Wine IED

Area VI: Final Project

Florence / Barcelona

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