Barcelona Master Food IED

Module II: Brand and Communication


The module faces the complex world of building and promotion of a brand, focusing on the field of enogastronomy and tourism. Participants are guided in a theoretical and design process which, starting from an analysis phase of existence through the identity of the brand issues and its positioning on the market, to arrive at the definition of the strategies needed to achieve the objectives defined in the process design.

Introducing the themes of Service Design and its integration in the processes of creation and promotion of the brand. After completing this module, participants will have learned techniques and knowledge needed to manage the value of a brand through an articulated vision that fits every action in an overall scenario that enhances the Brand Experience offered to the public.

The module is comprised of the following units:

Brand analysis
Deals with monitoring existing brands and obtaining and processing information on how these brands are perceived, the values they represent and the relationships between brand, client and desired target.

Brand identity
Studies the “external expressions” of a brand including its name and its visual image. Brand identity is a fundamental tool as it allows consumers to identify and differentiate brands from their competitors.

Brand positioning
The study of the Marketing system and related strategies to correctly position brands on the mental map of potential clients.

Brand strategy
Studies the brand development process (including pricing and distribution) from the birth of the brand to the implementation of the commercial strategies devised to reach prefixed goals.

Building the brand experience
The study of a brand’s ability to generate gratifying expectations. The capacity to translate the brand’s ideals and cultural values (and symbols and vocations), into commercial opportunities apt at communicating emotional content.

Personal branding
Study of the process through which a company or an individual are characterized and identifiable. The creation of an image that reflects a clear mission, value and communication style. Public Relations in the field of Hospitality, Food & Wine Analysis of “Brand Reputation” and of its increase through the creation of con-sensus amongst the public.