Design Thinking Barcelona

Module IV: Design Thinking and Project Management


The focus of this section is to learn different techniques and methodologies of Design Thinking applied to specific topics in services related to tourism, food and wine field. The aim is to explore the themes of design and management and how they work together. Focus on participants to employ lateral thinking (“thinking outside the box”) in approaching projects and problems.

The module is made of the following units:

Project Management for Hospitality Business
The study of the elements of planning, organizing, motivating and controlling resources to achieve specific goals in the Hospitality business. Any project is thought of as temporary endeavour with a defined beginning, which is structured and managed to meet unique goals and objectives. These objectives are typically meant to bring about beneficial changes or added value to the project commissioner or client. This subject focuses on the specific problem solving and/or goal setting that are essential to making budgeted revenues for the Hospitality business, and on the methodology to improve results through better directionsetting, more productive resource allocation and a savvier choice of actions.

Design Thinking Bootcamp
This is a week long, full-time, intensive course to immerse students right away in the design thinking approach and process. The course is built as an experiential learning incubator: each day starts with an intensive workshop on the day’s exploration topic that allows the participant to get a deeper understanding of Design Thinking methods by relating those keyconcepts and tools to that experience. The structure of the entire workshop itself is built on the divergence/convergence principal. Innovation. Problem-solving. Creativity. Co- Creation. Customer value.