Firenze Master IED

Module I: Marketing


The module introduces participants to issues of tourism seen as a field of specific application of marketing theories. The peculiarities related to the sector leading to a redefinition of the general principles of the discipline, which in the application to the tourism, food and wine industry is confronted with symbolic elements and practical: from the tourist experience and cultural value to the constraints related to seasonal and weather conditions, that would require a radically different approach from that applicable in the traditional industrial and service sectors.

The module is comprised of the following units:

Territorial Marketing
Territorial marketing study the set of activities aiming at the establishment of projects, programs, strategies and actions destined to the promotion and overall development of a territory. This part studies also the Service Marketing: Services marketing typically study both business to consumer (B2C) and business to business (B2B) services, and includes hospitality services.

Tourism Marketing
The study of the territorial value. The Food and Wine tourism as a strategic element of business and culture. Involving the study of key areas of tourist attraction including: Food, Culture, Art, Design, Music, Litterature, Museums, Exhibits, Fairs, Free Time, Nature, Landscapes, Vacation, Sea, Mountain, City Countryside, Agritourism, Hotellerie.